Monday, May 11, 2009

Never doubt that a small group of citizens can make a difference....

There are so many organizations out there that fight for good causes. I've always struggled at choosing one or two of them; there are just so many things that I care about. I care about the environment; I love animals; I am against war; I believe in fighting inequality and and and.
But even I had to realize that we can't do everything. So I've tried to figure out ways to help the causes that mean the most to me without spreading myself to thin.

I'm a vegatarian because I don't like the way animals are treated. I don't believe that eating meat in itself is wrong - even though I'm not sure I could ever make myself eat meat again - but I believe that the way animals are treated in mass production of meat is wrong and I will not support the torture of innocent animals.

I recycle; I try to walk as often as possible instead of driving; I turn the lights in my apartment (and the rest of my building) off whenever I leave a room.

And I've become an active supporter of Invisible Children. I don't believe in war. But it always seemed to hard to do anything to stop the wars that are going on around the world. I mean, what was I, one person, supposed to do? Invisible Children has given me an opportunity to do something to try to end a war. And the fewer wars the better. War is NEVER the answer.

So on June 22-23, I'll be attending Invisible Children's Lobby Days because it is time to end Africa's longest running war and to rescue Joseph Kony's child soldiers and bring them home. It won't be easy - and it won't happen fast - but at least there's something I can do to act in accordance with my beliefs.

If you want to find out more about Lobby Days, go to

And Invisible Children isn't the thing for you, I encourage you to find something that you are passionate about and then find a way to do something about it. It is time we all stand up for what we belive in and try to make this a better world!

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