Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Job Search and Concert Update

Countdown: 9 days until ACPA, 3 days until the Invisible Children Benefits Concert

I have a killer headache right now. I took a nap, hoping that it'll get better. It has not. :(

I haven't slept much in the past few days. Between getting ready for the concert and job searching, there just hasn't been much time for sleep. But things are slowly falling into place. My to do list for the concert is still considerable, but with some luck I may actually be able to get everything done in time. I was putting up posters with my co-chair today and a student, who saw us, said she was excited for the concert and would be coming. Yay! It seems that the word has gotten out there.

Things are also slowly falling into place on the job search front. I now have three interviews set up for ACPA. I also have one phone interview set up.

All those interviews are for Hall Director-type positions. I've been applying for a mix between coordinator/Assistant Director-type positions and Hall Director jobs. I wouldn't mind being a Hall Director again - as long as it's in a location I really like - but I'd also like to at least get a try at some coordinator/Assistant Director position interviews...just to see if it's even a possibility. I haven't applied to many of those positions yet, so maybe that's why, but it's still making me feel a bit uneasy that I haven't heard anything. It's just making me question whether or not I'm ready/qualified for these type of positions. My colleagues and supervisors all tell me that I am and that I should try to become a coordinator or Assistant Director. So why am I not getting interviews for those positions?

But hey, at least I have some interviews set up now. I did submit a couple more applications this morning and have a few more jobs selected that I will apply for later this week....whenever I find time to do that.


HESAismyLife said...

How did the concert go? said...

The concert was AMAZING. 150+ guests; we raised over $2,000 and collected 415 books for our book drive. And so many students have come up to me afterwards to tell me how much they enjoyed it.

I even found a student group who wants to do a similar event next year. So awesome!!!